Simple solutions for healthy living

include a routine of vitamins and supplements.

Vitamins & Supplements

can be used to boost immunity, to treat specific ailments or injuries or as a preventative tool to ensure a longer, happier and healthier life.

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Vitamins and Supplements:


Pre and probiotics work to support a healthy gut while building a strong immune system.

Digestive enzymes aid in the digestion of food allowing your pet to absorb nutrients that will work to fuel their adventures.

Allergy, joint, dental and other specific ailments or issues can be aided by targeted supplementation.

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Click on either the cat or the dog to see how adding vitamins and supplements to your pet’s routine could help them to live a longer, happier and healthier life.


Reasons to Give Your Pets Vitamins & Supplements

To Boost Immunity

Help your pet defend themselves against illness and disease.

For Overall Health

Help your pet’s immunity for a longer and healthier life.

To Support Digestive Health

Help your pet unlock their inner power to effectively absorb and use their nutrition for fuel.

To Keep Them Looking Good

From skin and coat, to eyes and ears – help your pet look and feel their very best.

To Strengthen Bones & Muscles

Support the development and maintenance of strong bones, joints and cartilage that will keep them on the go.

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The Nutrition Edition

Slide A great solution option to help with a "scavenging" pet. New Beginnings Pet by Olie Naturals provides friendly bacteria that play an important role in basic digestion, helping your "Scavenger" when they've potentially eaten something they shouldn't have. Sensitive Tummy? Learn More Like humans, our pets can suffer from sensitivities, intolerances and the occasional food-related issues that can affect their digestive tracts and tummies. Supporting them through digestive upset can be hard on you both, but Pet Planet can help. Pre and probiotics for dogs should support the natural digestion process and help to derail bad bacteria that’s often the leading cause of intestinal upset.

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