Changing the way we view, treat,
and respect our animal companions.
What is Guardianship?
We define “Guardianship” as a simple series of shared beliefs that are put into action when caring for a pet.
We share many of these beliefs with our customers, fellow Guardians like us, that only want the longest, happiest, and healthiest life for the pets they love.

I make a lifetime commitment to my pets.

I never give up on my pet, no matter what.

My pet eats nutritious food, gets fresh water, and plenty of exercise.

I choose safe and chemical-free products for my home.

I am always gentle and compassionate.

I take care of my pet’s physical and emotional needs.

If I see an animal in danger, I will do my best to help.

I encourage others to embrace these beliefs.


Follow us on any of our social media platforms and post pictures of you and your pet as you celebrate your Guardianship journey using the #iamaguardian hashtag.

Our focus on our “true” customers is one of the ways that make us a different kind of retailer. The true customers being…
Your pets

Here are a few more reasons we’re different.

*Pet Planet always recommends speaking with a veterinarian when faced with any pet related illness or injury.

Let us “fetch” what you need.

Home delivery* and curbside pickup available.

Pet Planet has stores in Arizona that are ready to serve you and your pets.

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