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Ever considered a Rotational feeding is a method where you feed your pet a variety of food types and proteins, rather than the same food all the time. Rotational Diet? Varying the diet means your pet will enjoy a wide range of essential nutrients which may reduce the chance of developing food allergies or intolerances.


1. Consider different “food types” in your pet’s feeding routine.

Quick Tip: Add raw or almost raw options to your pet’s kibble.

2. Consider switching the protein of your pet’s food, from chicken to fish to pork. 

Quick Tip: Try different proteins within the brand of food you feed, regardless of food type.

Your pet’s longer, happier and healthier life begins…


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Fact or Fiction? "Grain Free foods are the best." What actually makes a healthier food is a high content of real muscle meat, lower and more purposeful carbohydrates and an optimal balance of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Learn More

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Offering a selection of meal options for your pet, from raw to kibble. Slowing the "Gobbler" down is important for a couple of reasons, to improve and promote healthy digestion, to help them feel fuller longer and to keep your fingers safe. Pet Planet can help with some tricks we've learned along the way. Slow Them Down Merrick offers your pets a wide selection of dry, wet and meal topper options that will keep your pet satiated, interested and healthy. Selection may vary. A rotational diet can help to create interest at meal time by offering different proteins, food types and textures. Learn more about how to start your pet’s rotational meal plan here. Learn More Rotation Can Help Your Picky Eater Give your Picky Eater something to chew on, by considering a variety of food textures offered by Almo Nature. Slide Slow your “Gobbler” down by adding rehydrated Honest Kitchen formulas to your current feeding routine. The texture will give them something delicious, while slowing their pace. In our 25 years of helping pet's live longer, happier and healthier lives, we have met quite a few of these personalities and have learned some tricks along the way that may help you find solutions that will motivate your pet to eat with excitement while offering them healthy options at mealtime. Learn More Picky Kitten? If your pet lacks enthusiasm at meal time, they may be what some would call a "Picky Eater". Variety Without Compromise



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