We understand that trust must be earned and then emulated in every activity to keep it.

This philosophy is one of the things that sets Pet Planet apart – we take our customer’s trust in us very seriously and we will work very hard to both earn it and keep it.

Part of this promise is to ensure that every product on our shelves is there because it has met our standards and is trusted and safe for your pets. Our nutritional checklist is below. Every consumable product, from food to treats, is evaluated based on this list of questions:

  • How are ingredients sourced and where do they come from?

  • If additives, colorings or preservatives are added, are they naturally or chemically based?

  • What are the main protein and carbohydrate sources, and what are their ratios?

  • Have there been past recalls, and why?

  • What are the fat sources – good fats like salmon or flaxseed oil, or lard and animal fats?

  • Do they self-manufacture or are they co-packed by a third party manufacturer?

The Problem with Playing

“The Price is Right”

with your pet’s food

The Food Difference

Look For:

High quality ingredients like whole meats, fresh fruits and vegetables.


Low quality ingredients like by-products, mystery meats, fillers, chemicals, coloring and preservatives.

The scoop Difference

Getting More:

Better nutrition means smaller portions, which means less to scoop – both from the bag and… other places.

Getting Less:

Low quality foods require higher volumes to fuel your pet’s engine. More in, means more has to come out.

The price Difference

Save Money:

Better quality means you have to feed less.

Less Food =

Fewer Bags =

More Savings.

Pay More:

You may pay less at the counter per bag, but you will likely have to buy more often.

Feed Better, Learn How Save Money We get it, sometimes life does not go exactly as planned, and sometimes that means that you have to evaluate your decisions.

At Pet Planet, we can help you find a great food, that won’t break the bank...let us show you how.

What’s the Difference?

  • Self Manufacturing defines a pet food company that sources, manufactures and produces the food that they make.
  • It means that they work directly with growers and producers that provide the ingredients for the food that they make.
  • It also means that they distribute their product and therefore control quality from sourcing to shelf.
  • Co-Packing is short for “Contract Packaging or Packager”.
  • It defines a pet food company that hires another company to manufacture and/or sources ingredients for it’s pet food brand.
  • Co-Packers run large, mass-production facilities that produce many different brands of cat and dog food every day.

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