Simple solutions for healthy living
includes offering healthy treats.

Treats are edibles so it’s important to choose healthy options that complement, rather than compromise the good work you do with their nutrition.

Bullies, Bones, & Body Parts

A safe alternative to rawhide that provides your pets with healthy chewing* options.

Meat & Jerky

Protein-rich meats that work with your pet’s healthy diet to provide all the essential amino acids needed for immune support.

Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated

These types of treats have been dehydrated to remove moisture, leaving them free of artificial preservatives and will all nutrients and enzymes – your pet needs – intact.

Biscuits & Bakery

Find a wide selection of textures, sizes, and flavors – like peanut butter, chicken, and pumpkin that will appeal to every pet.


Find frozen bones and body parts that you can store in your freezer for treating anytime your pet desires.

Soft & Chewy

These treats are great for cats and smaller dogs. There are so many options in this category that can be used for training or rewarding.

How to make the most

Dangerous Chew Ever

Sodium Sulfate Liming

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is used to whiten and chemically preserve the hide.

Dyes and Coloring

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is used to hold the cut and pressed shapes into place.

Here are some safe alternatives to rawhide

Please remember to always supervise your pet while chewing to prevent injury or choking.

Biscuits, Bones, Jerky – Oh My!

With so many treat options out there, how do you choose the best one for your pet?

Functional Treats

Many treats are functional in nature, meaning that they satisfy our pet’s need for something extra, and they provide an added benefit to their healthy routine.

Functional treats can help to support joint health, dental care, and even weight loss.

So, if your pet needs something extra to help them thrive, a functional treat may serve two purposes for you and your pet.


Understanding what your pet likes to chew, crunch, or gnaw on can go a long way in identifying the type of treat they may prefer.

Jerky, biscuits, raw bones, body parts, and frozen treats all have health and wellness benefits, and offer a wide assortment of options to try with your pet to identify their favorites for snack time.


From pumpkin to peanut butter, treats can offer your pet a wide variety of options to choose from.

When you find puddles at your feet when holding the treat bag – you’ll know you’ve hit the jackpot.

Shop now to find our wide selection of healthy treat options for your dog or cat – available online.

Want to learn more about rawhide?

Visit our Education Center for more information on the dangers of rawhide.

Watch for Sugar

Although we love to treat our pets, many options available out there contain a high concentration of sugar. Much like humans, sugar (or glucose) can have positive and negative effects on our health.

A healthy brain derives almost all of its required energy from glucose, but the key is consistency.

Even levels of glucose will help to improve brain function, manage behavior, and can work to reduce stress and anxiety.

Pet Planet offers a wide variety of healthy, functional and protein-rich treats that will help our pets thrive each and every day – so you can give them all the love you want, without all the sugar.

Save on Treats

Every Thursday at Pet Planet is Treat Thursday! Save 15% on your pet’s favorite treats* all day long, in-store only.

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Solutions Tips for Treats

Treats are a big part of your pet’s diet, therefore it’s important to choose healthy treats that will complement their daily intake of nutrients.


Just like the food you feed, treats should be high in quality meat protein like chicken, fish, or pork to support your pet’s immunity, healthy heart, and energy levels.


Low carbohydrate, nutrient-driven treats will round-out an overall healthy diet for your pet and may help mitigate the risk of developing food-related health issues.

Purposeful Ingredients

Healthy ingredients like meat, apples, pumpkin, and blueberries in the treats you give your pet will provide the beneficial nutrients of a well-balanced diet.

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trusted, and healthy pet treats.

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