Smoked Bone Tuesday is one of our longest standing Value Days.

Save 40% on a delicious selection of small naturally smoked bones in-store every Tuesday at Pet Planet.

  • All natural chew made from 100% beef bone.
  • Slow-cooked in Redbarn kitchens without any artificial flavors, chemicals, or preservatives.
  • An excellent rawhide alternative.
  • These bones can help to fight boredom, relieve stress, and supports overall dental health by gently massaging gums and removing plaque buildup.
  • Recommended for light chewers, moderate chewers, and power chewers.

If You Give a Dog a Bone…

Select a bone suitable for your pet’s chewing based on their chew strength and breed.

If the bone gets down to 2 inches or less, take it away from your dog.

If the bone splits or breaks, take it away from your pet and discard it in an inaccessible trash bin.

Be sure to trash any piece that broke from the bone.

Take the trash out to the dumpster to ensure sneaky pets don’t try to find the remains later.

ABOVE ALL ELSE ensure that the chewing of the product is supervised at all times.

Pet Planet is a NO RAWHIDE retailer.

Buy More. Spend Less.

Learn more about the rest of our Value Days by clicking their icons.

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