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What About Treats?

It’s fine to feed your dog treats; as long as you do it with common sense and in moderation. Not surprisingly, treats may become even more special to your pet if they aren’t handed out freely. Think about it this way – how healthy would you be if your diet consisted primarily of Oreo Cookies?

“Treating” them Right

When you do give treats, don’t compromise your pet’s good nutrition with “junk food” treats! Treats need to be low in fat, good tasting, and nutritious (high in vitamins and minerals). You should look for the same premium quality in treats as you do in your pet’s food. Even if your pet is eating healthy, natural and nutritious food, his or her well being can be compromised if you are also giving him or her treats full of chemical preservatives, sugar, salt, fat, and other harmful ingredients.

Try Something Different

Vegetables and fruits are great treats to offer your pet. Sweet raw baby carrots, raw broccoli, raw sweet red peppers, pieces of banana, pineapple, pieces of apple or pears, you can experiment and see what you dog likes. They have taste preferences too! If your pet likes biscuits and you are not in the mood to bake, animal bakeries that use all natural ingredients are becoming popular. There are many all-natural biscuits available, a variety to please even the fussiest of pups! It is important to remember that a treat is just that – a treat. It should not replace your pet’s regular meals, as most treats are not formulated to be nutritionally complete.

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