Slide Watch for specialty sections featuring each character all month long. MEET THIS MONTH'S CAST OF CHARACTERS Let us help you shop for the pet's you love. The Picky Eater Our cats and dogs have personalities just like us, and that means that they will likely have preferences, likes and dislikes. If your pet seems to struggle at meal time to find the things they love.

Let Pet Planet help you find a meal plan that will keep them happy and healthy, while encouraging them to love what they eat each and every day.
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The Gobbler Cats and dogs that gobble their food can be prone to digestive upset, bloat and are hard to satiate, as they don’t feel full.

There are many solutions that can help your pet find a healthier pace for both meal and treat time, including slow-feeding tools like bowls and stuffers, different food types that can help make it more challenging to feed and by introducing new textures that create interest while lengthening meal time.
Pet Planet can help you find solutions to your little scavenger, but showing you ways to increase satiation through protein rich foods and treats, creating fun ways to lengthen meal time and then to support their digestive tracts for those times when they get into all the things they shouldn’t. The Scavenger These food motivated pets are especially fun to care for, as they tend to be the ones that get themselves in trouble with all sorts of undesirable edible and non-edible items. From leaves to socks and rocks to batteries, these characters can often be found looking for food – EVERWHERE. The Sensitive One Many of our pets suffer from food intolerances, sensitivities and even just general likes and dislikes, making it challenging not only to find things they can eat, but that the love to eat too. Pet Planet can help build a meal plan that includes foods, treats and supplements that help manage digestion, will support their immunity, and can work to create meal time excitement with nutritious options to keep your sensitive pet happy and healthy. We've asked our friends and partners to share their story about Pet Planet, as part of our Legacy Stories. This month, we share our Franchise Operators at our Cranston Market location. Watch Now

It began with food. Today, more than ever, we know that most health issues are well managed with the right nutrition plan. Here is our story. On November 26, 1996 we unlocked the doors to the very first Pet Planet health store.



We talk about all the products on our shelves and how they work to promote health.



Our Certificate of Trust Program means that our products meet a higher standard with respect to ingredient quality, sourcing and manufacturing.



We are committed to making good nutrition accessible through avenues like our Pet Planet Membership Program.



We work with many community-based programs that promote adoption in each of the neighborhoods we serve.



We employ people who are passionate about the products and health philosophies Pet Planet represents.

Since 1996, Pet Planet's only mission has been to help pets live longer, happier and healthier lives. Find Your Store


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The Certificate of Trust is our promise to our customers that all the products on our shelves are safe and trusted, so you know that every decision you make will help your pet live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Pet Planet has stores across Canada and in Arizona that are ready to serve you and your pets. Find Your Store We look forward to seeing you! Visit Today


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