Holiday Gift Guide for ev-furry personality THE CHEWER THE "WHAT'S IN HIS MOUTH NOW" ONE Not only are they all safe alternatives to rawhide, but our selection of chew toys and bones may help to keep everything else safe. THE SNACKER "THE IN-BETWEEN MEAL MUNCHER" Our wide selection of healthy treats are sure to satisfy even the most sophisticated of snackers. THE CAT "THE ONE WITH THE STAFF" Find a wide selection of cat-approved toys, treats and products, that will help keep you "employed" this holiday season. THE PLAYER "THE RUNNING, CHASING, ROLLING ONE" From stuffies to tuggers and things to chase, find what you need for your playful pup. THE SNUGGLER "THE ONE THAT LIVES ON YOUR LAP" This pup loves to snuggle and will most likely be found in your bed or buried in the couch and likely carries stuffies around for comfort. Any soft or plush will make this personality happy this holiday season. THE ADVENTURER "THE ONE ON THE GO" This pup is always ready to hit the road for whatever you’ve got planned. Surprise this guy with some on-the-go tools like backpacks, harnesses and collapsible water dishes to satisfy his sense of adventure. Find the perfect holiday gift
for your favorite furry personality.
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It began with food. Today, more than ever, we know that most health issues are well managed with the right nutrition plan. Here is our story. On November 26, 1996 we unlocked the doors to the very first Pet Planet health store.



We talk about all the products on our shelves and how they work to promote health.



Our Certificate of Trust Program means that our products meet a higher standard with respect to ingredient quality, sourcing and manufacturing.



We are committed to making good nutrition accessible through avenues like our Pet Planet Membership Program.



We work with many community-based programs that promote adoption in each of the neighborhoods we serve.



We employ people who are passionate about the products and health philosophies Pet Planet represents.

Since 1996, Pet Planet's only mission has been to help pets live longer, happier and healthier lives. Find Your Store


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The Certificate of Trust is our promise to our customers that all the products on our shelves are safe and trusted, so you know that every decision you make will help your pet live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Pet Planet has stores across Canada and in Arizona that are ready to serve you and your pets. Find Your Store We look forward to seeing you! Visit Today


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