The Specific Nutritional and Digestive Needs for Small Breed Dogs

Like their large breed counterparts, our small breed pets also have specific needs for optimal nutrition.

Smaller breed dogs have higher metabolisms as their heart rates are so much faster. This metabolic rate means that our small breed pets will require more calories to maintain weight and support their, often more active, lifestyles.

The best way to support these needs is to offer our small breed pets a diet that:

  1. is high in quality animal proteins
  2. is loaded with essential fats, like Omega 3’s and 6’s
  3. contains pre/probiotics that are essential for complete digestion and nutrient absorption, and that
  4. includes supplements that support joint health, immunity, a healthy skin and coat and dental care.

Horizon Amicus dry kibble recipes are a great option that are specifically designed to meet smaller breed dogs’ specific needs. Here are some of the benefits offered by Amicus Small Breed formulas:

  • More calories per cup works to support increased metabolism, growth and cellular replacement, and increased activity.
  • The best calories come from animal fat and protein. 76% of the protein in the Amicus foods is of animal origin. 
  • Higher levels of protein and fat mean lower carbohydrate levels.
  • High meat and fat improve palatability, which is essential for many picky smaller pets. 
  • Like all Horizon foods, Amicus foods contain 600 million CFUs of probiotics/lb. 
  • Optimum levels and ideal ratios of Omega 6 and 3 Fatty acids supports immune health, skin and hair coat, and joint health.
  • The Amicus foods are designed specifically for the smaller mouths of smaller breeds.

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