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The Spa - Grooming Services

When you leave your dog in the care of a Pet Planet Groomer, you not only get professional, full-service grooming, you also get peace of mind knowing your best friend will be treated with patience, care and respect.

If your pet dreads trips to the groomer, or shakes and "puts on the brakes" when you enter the shop, you need to try Pet Planet Grooming. Our groomers take the time to get to know each individual pet and develop a one on one relationship with their four legged clients.

Pet Planet welcomes all pets, especially puppies who are new to grooming, or those who have had unpleasant grooming experiences in the past. Let Pet Planet earn your pets trust so that grooming will never again be a traumatic experience for either of you.


Pet Planet Self Wash

Our state of the art facilities include:

  • hygienic stainless steel tubs with walk up ramps and secure footing for your pet
  • plenty of warm water with adjustable pressure
  • professional quality pet shampoos and conditioners, premixed for convenience
  • pet blow dryers (great for blowing out loose, shedding coat)
  • a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for you and your pet

Pet Planet Self Wash is available to use for only $10.00 for the first 15 minutes. Each additional 5 minute increment has an additional cost of $3.00. Please call for availability. Don't forget to ask about our Frequent Bather program, after 5 washes you will get the 6th wash for free.


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