Instinct, The Raw Food Brand

At Pet Planet, we are often asked to explain the difference between raw pet foods and more traditional forms of pet food. Raw diets consist of bones, ground meat vegetables, fruit and other whole foods. The theory behind feeding raw food is that our pets’ ancestors ate raw meat and bones, and that raw food represents a more natural diet for our dogs and cats. It is also believed that cooking your pet’s food may also kill many of the nutrients that they require.

There are many versions of raw diets available today that range from complete thaw-and-serve diets to individual component products. When selecting any diet for your best friend, careful research is key; choosing the correct raw food regime is no exception. Once option for consideration is Instinct – The Raw Food Brand.

The Instinct line of products offers Guardians a safe and easy way to feed differently. Whether feeding raw all the time, or just sometimes, the Instinct brand believes that by adding raw into your pet’s feeding routine, that you are helping to transform their lives for a healthier, happier life. As the self-proclaimed “Raw Brand”, they have gone to great lengths to discover more research to prove the power of raw nutrition for our pets. Pet Planet offers a deeper dive into raw diets, or visit us in-store and talk with one of our Ambassadors about the benefits.

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