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Introducing New Cats to Your Home

By Dr. Al Townshend Cats have become one of the most popular pets. There are more household cats than dogs in the US. The average cat family has more than two cats. There are many reasons why Guardians love cats: they’re relatively low maintenance, do well in apartments, and they’re just plain adorable! In the […]

Spending Time with Your Pet

By Dr. Al Townshend The most important reason to spend time with your pet is that it is Quality Time for both you and your pet. Dogs have long been called Man’s Best Friend. Today, studies suggest that all pets are our best friends. That includes men, women, and children. It’s been estimated that over […]

Integrating a New Pet into the Household

By Dr. Al Townshend There are many reasons why families get a pet. It may be the first pet for the family. There may have been the loss of a cherished pet, and for most Guardians, it’s hard not to have a pet. That’s why over 60% of North American homes have pets. Many families […]

Pets are Part of the Family

By: Dr. Al Townshend According to a Harris Poll,  Americans have always had interesting relationships with their pets. Three in five Americans today (62%) have a pet. Among Guardians, seven in ten people have a dog (69%), while half have a cat (51%). Out of the Guardians surveyed nine in ten (91%) considered their pet to […]

Top 10 Reasons to Rescue

Written by Mary Clark at Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. Permission granted to freely reprint and distribute this document with credit to LRR, Inc at With most family members gone during the work week for 8 hours or more, housetraining a puppy and its small bladder can take a while. Puppies need a consistent schedule […]

The Life of a Backyard Dog

You see one in every neighbourhood. A dog tied day after day to a doghouse or back porch, or living isolated in a chain link ‘run’ in the backyard. Perhaps the biggest and most widely held misconception about dogs is the belief that they will be healthy and happy living only in the backyard. However, […]

Pets as Gifts

Are you thinking of giving a pet as a gift? THINK AGAIN! To many people, a puppy or kitten is the perfect symbol of the true spirit of giving. They represent wonderment, innocence, exuberant energy, unconditional love, and hope for the future. While pet Guardianship is undoubtedly rewarding, getting a pet as a gift for […]

Making The Right Choice

Making The Right Choice: Finding A Responsible Breeder For A Purebred Puppy By The Canadian Kennel Club When you have narrowed your breed choices to a short list and are about to move to the next and most important step – the actual purchase of the dog – it is imperative that you locate a […]

Embrace Guardianship

Pet Planet’s vision is a world in which animals are treated with respect for the unique individuals they are… a world in which consideration is given for an animal’s needs and quality of life…a world void of animal exploitation, abuse, and neglect. It is because of our passionate dream that we are happy to partner […]

How to Choose a Dog Daycare

The emotional and physical well-being of your dog can often be compromised given our busy schedules. Canine daycare provides love and attention, tons of exercise, and the very important socialization skills required by every dog so that they may feel confident and serene in their life with you at home. If you have a dog […]

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