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Traveling Safely (How to Keep Your Pet Safe)

By Dr. Al Townshend Having your pet along when you travel can bring even more pleasure to the trip and to the experiences at your destination. That all sounds fine but unless one plans well in advance the experience can be a disaster for the Guardian and for the pet. Even taking your pet on […]

How Hot Is Too Hot for Your Pet?

By Dr. Al Townshend Summer is almost here and it’s time to think about getting outside. Depending on where you live, the warmer weather that summer brings can be a welcome relief from the chills of winter, or it can be a potential threat to your pet’s health and safety. In the southern portion of […]

Camping Safety – Heading To The Great Outdoors

Most dogs undoubtedly love camping. A few extra precautions will help make sure that it is a safe and enjoyable experience for them. Be very careful around the campfire. Many dogs are unfamiliar with fire and can easily get burned or hurt. Never leave your dog in the camper or tent while you are out. […]

Litter Safety – Making An Educated Choice

Understanding Litter Safety When it comes to cat litter, not all are created equal. There are many different types of cat litter on the market so it’s important you know which ones are safe for your cat to use and those to avoid. Cat litter poses a danger to your cat in two ways. When […]

Vehicle Safety – Feeling The Wind In Their Fur

The safest way for any dog to travel is in a secure crate or specially designed seat belt/harness. A crate or safety harness will protect your dog from injuries on impact and keep him secure in the aftermath. If you are injured in an accident, emergency personnel won’t have to worry about getting past your […]

Water Safety – All Dogs Can Swim… Right?

Life Jacket Safety If you take your dog around a large body of water and/or in a boat, it’s best to err on the side of caution and put him in a life jacket. A common misconception many Guardians make is assuming that all dogs can swim — that’s not the case. Other reasons for […]

Propylene Glycol

Are you giving your pet dangerous Propylene Glycol? If you are buying him soft treats from the grocery store, then you probably are! What is Propylene Glycol? Propylene Glycol is a synthetic chemical preservative and flavour enhancer linked to kidney damage. It is also used as a less-toxic version of the sweet-tasting chemical found in […]

Cat Litter Safety

Cat Litter Safety… There Is A Difference! One of the biggest dangers to a cat’s – and the rest of your family’s – health can be found in the litter box. Two common themes come up time and time again with respect to cat litter: Cats will inhale what is in their litter box Cats […]

Heat Stroke

Ah, the dog days of summer! Just because we humans enjoy the heat, does not mean our canine companions do. When we get hot, our bodies sweat as a mechanism to cool us down. A dog cannot sweat as we do, so they pant to cool themselves down. Unfortunately, panting is not the most efficient […]

Food Safety

Pet food recalls are not uncommon these days making it more and more difficult to trust that the food we feed our pets is safe. Here are a few criteria Pet Planet follows when choosing our product lines. First, we look for pet food companies that own their manufacturing facility. They should source all of […]

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