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Food Allergies and How They Affect Our Pets

Just like humans, pets can develop allergies to just about any food or substance in the environment. But, unlike the typical human response to allergens — coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and in rare cases, anaphylactic shock — the most common signs of allergies in pets are skin irritations such as itching, scratching, digging, and gnawing […]

Environmental Allergies – Diagnosing and Treating Atopy

Allergies to a variety of substances in the environment such as weed, grass and tree pollen along with dust mites and mold spores will cause a skin condition — in genetically predisposed dogs — called atopy. Susceptible breeds include Dalmatians, Golden Retrievers, West Highland White Terriers, Shar Peis, Labrador Retrievers, Cairn Terriers, Lhasa Apsos, Shih […]

4 Dog Food Allergy Myths

Here are 4 food allergy myths that people believe. Myth #1: Food allergies most often produce gastrointestinal symptoms because it’s the intestinal tract that is exposed to the allergen. Fact: The most common symptom of a food allergy is itchy skin. Myth #1: My dog’s symptoms can’t be the result of a food allergy because […]

Allergies & Sensitivities

What Are Allergies? The most common medical complaint veterinarians see in dogs is skin or ear related. Unlike humans who react to allergens with nasal symptoms, dogs react with skin or ear problems. Environmental Allergies Most common signs are frequent itching, chewing and biting: The tail The stomach The insides of the hind legs Licking […]

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