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Small Animals Need Premium Food Too!

“Has anyone ever explained the difference between premium and grocery brand pet food to you?”

It’s a question we ask every day at Pet Planet and not just about dog and cat food. Proper nutrition is just as important to your birds and small animals such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets as it is to your canine & feline companions.

Despite what expensive advertising campaigns will tell you, there really is a difference between the quality of pet foods you will find at the grocery or department store and those you will find in Pet Planet.

As recent food recalls tragically illustrate, we cannot assume that all pet foods, including “brand name” foods, are healthy or even safe for our pets. So how can you be sure you trust the food you are feeding your pet?

Like all pet foods, there is a difference between the poor quality bird and small animal foods found in grocery stores and the high quality food at Pet Planet.

Our small animal and bird seed mixes, pellet diets and hays provide premium nutrition with 100% Canadian ingredients. They are always:

  • Low dust and pesticide free
  • Delivered fresh weekly, and sealed for freshness, never left in bulk bins to lose nutritional value
  • Free of artificial ingredients, chemicals, fillers and sugar
  • Contain Diatomaceous Earth to repel insects and help control internal parasites
  • Available in custom mixes specifically for your type of pet, including a dove mix!
  • Made in Canada!

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