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Black Cat Superstitions…10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Black Cat

Why Do Black Cats have a Harder Time Being Adopted?

We hear it all the time – black cats have a harder time being adopted vs. other cats. Part of this we can relate to influx numbers – as statistically there are higher black cats in shelters vs. other colored cats. The black cats we know and love are awesome! So why do cats have such a hard time to be adopted? It all goes back to superstition. Below we shed some light on cat superstitions, and why you should adopt a black cat today.

History Of Cat Superstition

While the origin of the Black Cat superstition still remains a mystery, the origins of cat superstitions start with Egypt. Back in Egyptian times, cat’s were worshiped. In fact, it was considered a punishable crime to harm cats, who were considered god-like.

This all changed years later with a rise in Christianity. They had a great distrust of cats sneaky, quiet movements, and distaste for their Egyptian roots. Shortly following this, cats became associated with witches (heard of Salem?) that gave “powers” to their masters. From this time on, we can assume the bad luck superstition was born.

Egypt wasn’t the only cause for black cat superstition throughout history. A 16th-century Italian superstition claims that seeing a black cat lay on your bed signals the death of a family member. There was even a pirate superstition from the 18th century that believes if a black cat walks away from you, it’s a sign of bad luck.

Contrary to the above – there are a few countries that have good superstitions about cats, such as Japan. “Maneki Neko” as it is known in Japan is considered a lucky cat figure you can see in many shops and restaurants today as a symbol of good fortune. In fact, in Scotland, having a black cat appear on your porch is considered a good omen.

Some superstitions signal signs of both good and bad luck. In the U.K, a black cat crossing your path is considered a sign of good fortune, while seeing a white cat is a sign of bad fortune. Quite the interesting twist, no?

Despite all of the above, we know most superstitions tend to be disproved or discredited with time. So… why hasn’t this one?

The answer – Halloween.

Recurring year after year, this holiday continues to perpetuate the “bad luck” superstition. Chances are if you ask people about some common Hallows Eve decorations, they’ve seen plenty of black cats on them, which unintentionally floats the bad luck superstition back into our minds, year after year. Regardless of the many superstitions, there are many reasons why you should adopt a black cat! A few of our favorite reasons are listed below.

10 Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat

  1. They’re like having mini ninjas!
  2. They blend in with the night (which makes them great at hiding and seek!)
  3. Their eyes are magnificent!
  4. They’re like tiny panthers. (And we’ve all seen the Jungle Book – black panthers are just awesome!)
  5. They take great selfies.
  6. Any color collar looks good on them.
  7. They have beautiful and gorgeous fur coats!
  8. They make the best facial expressions.
  9. They have serious attitude. And we’re good with that!
  10. They love us unconditionally!

No matter what you decide when adopting, there are many cats that you can adopt, and consequently, change their lives. Want to learn more about Guardianship? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for our latest tips and tricks.

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