6 Reasons to Add Raw Foods to Your Pet’s Diet  

Processed foods like kibble contain nutrients destroyed by cooking. The heat of cooking destroys heat sensitive enzymes and nutrients. Adding balanced raw foods to the diet improved palatability. Raw foods are generally high in animal fat and protein which make them hard to resist. Rotating raw food ingredients in a pet’s diet generates excitement and […]

The Specific Nutritional and Digestive Needs for Small Breed Dogs  

Like their large breed counterparts, our small breed pets also have specific needs for optimal nutrition. Smaller breed dogs have higher metabolisms as their heart rates are so much faster. This metabolic rate means that our small breed pets will require more calories to maintain weight and support their, often more active, lifestyles. The best […]

5 Reasons Why Diet is So Important for Seniors  

As pets age, their digestive tract becomes less efficient. Highly digestible, protein focused nutrition is especially important for older dogs and cats. Supplements become more important. Additional vitamins and minerals become more important to assure optimum levels reach the cells of the body. The immune system can struggle with age. Stress can accompany age and […]

Building a Better Bowl  

When it comes to feeding the family, a parent’s goal is to provide healthy and nutritious family favorites in a pleasing variety for everyone. The same is true for the family pets. Filling the bowl with very palatable (pleasing) and nutritious recipes encourages a long, happy, and healthy life for all pets. Traditionally, pets are […]

Sensitive Stomachs and Traditional Chinese Medicine  

Digestive problems that occur relatively infrequently (once a month). Vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, excessive gas, growling stomach, and depressed appetite, are often referred to as signs of a sensitive stomach. Most of the time, the issues are frustrating but not dangerous or life-threatening.  In light of this, many Guardians have found the nutritional concepts of Traditional […]

Sensitive Stomachs: Medical Concerns  

The challenges and symptoms of “Sensitive Stomachs” can be frustrating for both Guardians and their pets as they can be inconsistent, symptoms may vary, and the triggers can change over time. It is essential to recognize that a pet with more serious issues is likely to exhibit additional symptoms, not generally seen with a sensitive […]

External Stimuli and Sensitive Stomachs  

Sometimes a sensitive stomach may be a result of an external stimulus, condition, or impact. Understanding what the impacts are, can help Guardians to identify if a sensitive stomach is symptomatic of large issue. Here are some issues that may impact stomach sensitivities: Food Intolerances Internal Parasites Bacterial, Viral or Fungal Infections Deficiencies or Excesses […]

Sensitive Stomach Concerns?  

One of the most common concerns that prompt Guardians to take their pets to the veterinarian are digestive issues. So, veterinarians often hear from Guardians that their pet has a sensitive stomach.  Most would agree that the term “sensitive stomach” is most commonly used to describe digestive symptoms that tend to reoccur once a month […]

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