Author: Alyssa Paulley

Is Your Pet Experiencing an Environmental Allergy?  

Did you know that most allergies in our pets are not food related, but in fact come from environmental impacts? In the home, things like dust and dust mites, cigarette smoke, and fleas can trigger an allergic reaction. While outside, yard chemicals, tree pollens, molds, and fungi outdoors can be triggers. Allergies can be a […]

Joint Health and a Long and Happy Life for Every Pet  

As pets age, there is normal wear, especially in the body’s weight-bearing joints. Knees, hips, and elbows are the most vulnerable to wear and the ultimate arthritis that follows. One estimate suggests that 20% of dogs over seven years and 90% of cats over twelve years exhibit signs of arthritis which occurs after significant wear. […]

The Truth about Food Allergies and Sensitivities  

Many Guardians are concerned about pet allergies and spend thousands of dollars and many, many hours working to determine what is impacting their beloved pets. But, in reality most allergies manifest from our pet’s environments, rather than from the food they eat. But there are instances where a cat or dog can develop both allergies […]

Dental Health is Key to Long Term Health for Pets as it is for Their Guardians  

Dental or oral health is as important for our beloved pets as it is for ourselves. Humans spend significant time, effort, and expense to support dental health. We brush and floss daily and regularly visit the dentist for proper cleaning below the gum line. Our pets deserve some of the same consideration. Dogs and cats […]

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